This site gives a summary of the Orthopaedic practice of Mr Simon Richards, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon based in Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset.

This is an overview of many of the Orthopaedic conditions which I treat. This is not a comprehensive guide but purely a site to gain further information either before or after a consultation. This site is not intended to replace a face to face consultation. 

Consultations involve a discussion about the history of your presenting complaint, and an examination of the area affected. Further investigations, if required, can be carried out i.e x-ray, nerve tests, MRI/CT scans etc. Only after this can a diagnosis be made, questions answered and treatment options proposed. This will be tailored to each individual case. This is the best way to make an informed decision on the treatment options for an individual patient.

This web site also offers a link for General Practitioners, giving information on the diagnosis of these Orthopaedic conditions and what treatment(s) can be started in Primary Care, and when referral onto the Orthopaedic team is relevant.

This site gives information on Hospitals where I practise, clinic timetables, theatre sessions, and contact details. Please do not hesitate to contact the relevant secretary if you have any questions.

Simon Richards' Biography


Please note: any information on this web site relates solely to my clinical practice. The views and management of other surgeons may differ.